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MAT 121, Differential and Integral Calculus is a 3 credit unit course for students studying towards acquiring a Bachelor of Technology in Mathematics and Statistics and other related disciplines. The course is divided into 5 modules and 11 study units.  It will first take a brief review of Function of a real variable, limits and  idea of continuity. This course will then go ahead to deal with the derivative, as limit of change and techniques of differentiation. The course went further to deal with Extreme curve sketching, Integration as an inverse of differentiation and method of integration. The course concluded by dealing with definite integrals, application to area and volume.

The  course  guide  therefore  gives  you  an  overview  of  what  the  course;  MAT 121  is  all about,  the  textbooks  and  other  materials  to  be  referenced,  what  you  expect  to  know  in each unit, and how to work through the course materials.