About Us

Advanced Engineering Innovation Research Group (AEIRG) is an industry-oriented, multi-disciplinary research group that specialize in the design, development and production of Intelligent Mechatronics Systems. The research group activities ranges from basic and applied research to commercialization through partnership with industries, other educational institutions and Defence industry. The research group also provides training and consultancy services to all sectors and strata of the society. Our core competencies are in the areas of: Communication; Wireless Personal Area Network; Intelligent System Design; Control; Nanotechnology; Mechatronics; Artificial Intelligence; Physics-Based Vision; Biomedical Image and Signal Analysis; Embedded System Development; Precision Engineering; Digital Signal Processing; Digital Image Processing; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Autonomous Vehicles and Spectrum Sensing. The Group has well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment as well as first-class computational facilities.